Testimonials and Endorsements

Jay Pearson
Operations Manager
Woodmatic LLC
Holland, Michigan

"I have known Randy Paul for over 30 years and know first hand how inventive he is. I know his ideas, and know he can do it. If anyone can do the job he can, I back him 100%."

Barry Kane
Registered Patent Attorney
Kane & Company
Grand Rapids, Michigan
My contact with Mr DuBois has been professional only. We spoke several times on the phone
and met for an hour and a half to go over his Low Wind Speed Powered Generator ideas. 
As a patent attorney I have reviewed thousands of products & inventions, some with merit
and some without merit. As a person of high professional integrity I cannot endorse a product
or invention.
But, on a personal level because of the world impact that clean energy can provide in combating global warming, I can say. I have reviewed Mr. DuBois Low Wind Speed power generator ideas
and can honestly say that his ideas have merit and should be pursued further.

The Low Wind Speed Turbine Electric Power Generation Project has begun,
 Click Here for more information


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