Low Wind Speed Turbine Project has begun...

The mission is to develop a Powerful High Torque, Low Cost/Low Maintenance Reliable turbine that operates at Lower Heights and Lower Wind Speed conditions. Some ways of lowering the cost and increase reliability is to use a proven reliable design as well as many off-the-shelf items plus adapt reliable, heavy duty items from other industries such as automotive and industrial applications. The latest design is not the one shown below, the one below is actually the second design. We are working on the new 3rd design but the ad revenue has not been enough to do the job very quickly. Although the vertical axis machine below has great potential and is a very good design, it doesn't fit our requirements.  Our goal is to reduce the cost of the wind power system for faster payback, fast pay back is what is needed, who wants 10 to 20 years on payback. Low cost machine, lower setup cost and lower maintenance cost is our goal.

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We are getting close on the latest design, once all is in place we will show the latest wind turbine.  

The Design shown below is not being developed at this time, new latest design pending.

The Pinnacle Wind Power Turbine prototype is a variation on a simple vertical shaft Savonius design (like a wind speed indicator) using 30 gallon plastic drums cut in half. This turbine assembly sits on the end of an automotive type alternator, right where the pulley would go. The end housing of the alternator has been strengthened to take the extra load. The 5 scoop turbine assembly weighs about 65 lb which should not be to much side load for the alternator bearings.  The main innovative modifications to improve this design are not shown. Much more needs to be done to complete the turbine area. See a small clip below.


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You can see a better picture of the alternator here. This is an area that additional improvements will be implemented. We have experience in alternator function and design. We will be using a special alternator designed by Randy that will produce considerably more power at very low rpm's. Another benefit of this design is that the head with the alternator does not rotate like horizontal axis turbines. The power wires from the alternator can be run directly down the center of the pole without the need to rotate when wind direction changes.




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