Pinnacle Wind Power 

Wind Power Business Plan

Our motto is, "Clean Green Power to the People" We want to help declare our countries energy independence with Clean Green Low Cost, Low Wind Speed Electric Power Generation.

Over the next decade our power grid and power prices are expected to become more unstable. Experts say we will see more electrical black and brown outs and who knows where prices will be?

The answer my friend, IS, blowin in the wind. - Bob Dylan

Carbon Dioxide levels soar as we are turning more and more to highly polluting coal burning plants for electrical energy, as Global Warming continues its threat to our existence. Current wind turbines require higher wind speeds at a large scale to be cost effective. These high wind areas are few, most have beautiful vistas that have been sacrificed.

In some areas you can see the visual pollution these large scale "Wind Farms" are causing. Some of the most beautiful land and seascapes are being destroyed, being used or considered for large scale wind power development. The concern also has been raised that with large energy companies, no matter how cheaply power can be produced using free wind power you will see little or no cost savings in your monthly power bill. Example: It has been widely reported that oil consumption in the United States is down, yet oil company profits have been at an all time record.

At Pinnacle Wind Power we believe the answer is to focus on the development of a lower cost, higher output wind power system. Lower to the ground, less expensive self contained systems that produce more power . We propose that our systems can potentially be cost effective, with reasonable pay back schedule in class 3 to 4 wind, at the 35 maximum height level set by many communities, farm areas will have taller units. We believe that by adapting existing automotive drive train and alternator components and/or manufacturing principles to achieve cost efficient durable components. plus recent advancements in low cost reliable electronics will produce considerable construction cost savings.

It is expected that our turbine designs will extract considerable more power from the wind per area at a much lower cost compared to current air foil type designs. We also have an innovative idea on energy storage and how our system can save you money even if you will never own a wind generator. The Project has begun, Click Here for more info.

Development of this low wind speed power generation system for small to midsize wind farm applications requires new thinking in turbine design and implementation. It's time for something new.

If Clean Green Energy, Lower energy bills using wind power and more control over your power supply. Plus knowing your helping to clean the environment through non-polluting renewable wind power.

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Green power Using the non-polluting renewable energy of the wind you can eliminate trillions of tons of pollution from our air, water and land over only a single lifetime. We must think of future generations. Our goal is to save you money and help you become more energy independent plus help fight the growing pollution and Global Warming problem by Joining up with Team Today! Project Info Page

Low Wind Speed Turbine/Alternator System Prototype #1 CORPORATE SPONSORS: These responsible corporate citizens have said "we care about the future of our planet by supporting invention and innovation in clean renewable energy" Thank you for supporting this important Low Wind Speed Turbine Project.