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Pinnacle Wind Power

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to develop a low cost yet highly efficient Low Wind Speed turbine and power generation system
that will offer true cost savings to electric energy users. Our goal is to put you in control of your electric power supply
for your home, farm, business, or whole communities with systems of different sizes and configurations. You will be
able to supplement your electricity needs, lower your electricity bill or run completely off the grid. Plus you can send Clean
Renewable Electricity into the power grid thereby helping your neighbor and making our country more secure and less dependent on foreign oil

To accomplish this we will use forward thinking and an innovative low wind speed wind turbine designs
developed by our founder. Coupling that with a system to store surplus energy on windy days for, "use
on demand" through fuel cell technology, internal combustion type engine using a clean hydrogen/oxygen
mix or by a conventional steam boiler type system using the same clean oxygen/hydrogen mix for fuel. Our motto is "Power to the People"

The Wind Turbine Project has begun, Click Here for more info

With Green power using the non-polluting renewable energy of the wind you can eliminate trillions of tons of pollution from our air, water and land over only a single lifetime. We must think of future generations. Our goal is to save you money and help you become more energy independent plus help fight the growing pollution and Global Warming problem by Joining up with Team Today! PROJECT INFO PAGE

Low Wind Speed Turbine/Alternator System Prototype #1 CORPORATE SPONSORS: These responsible corporate citizens have said "we care about the future of our planet by supporting invention and innovation in clean renewable energy" Thank you for supporting this important Low Wind Speed Turbine Project.
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