Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Should I join Team

A: Electricity is something all of us use or could use. The current electric energy supply world wide is unstable due to the problems associated with current power production, such as restrictions on new hydro electric plants and the fluctuations in fossil fuel prices and supply. Plus, the many different pollutions associated with current electricity production methods. Also the fact that large scale power production puts so much control of our energy supply in to few hands, which can potentially lead to an anti competitive condition or other potential abuses.

This is an opportunity for all those who use electricity to pitch in and support a plan that could help lower your energy prices and make you more energy secure and independent using non-polluting renewable green resources.
If everyone who can, becomes a member in team pinnacle, we can get the job done.

Our goal at Pinnacle Wind Power LLC is to make Low Wind Speed power production cheaper and more price stable than the current energy supply and put you and your community more in control of your energy production.
This is something that will benefit everyone, including the environment.






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